Polka Dot Spots



'Polka Dot Spots'
An allover repeat pattern. Perfect for adding a whimsical feel to your furniture and craft projects. Available in 5 different sizes, please note the A3 and A4 have the same size dots.
A6 design measures 140 x 90, 5.5 x 3.5", spots are 1cm diameter
A5 design measures 195 x 130mm, 7.75 x 5", spots are 1.5cm diameter
A4 design measures 285 x 185mm, 11.25 x7.5", spots are 2cm diameter
A3 design measures 385 x 285mm, 15.25 x11.25", spots are 2cm diameter
XL design measures 560 x 275mm, 22.25 x 10.75", spots are 2.5cm diameter
Weight 0.01kg

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