Beach Life Set



'Beach Life Set'
This set consists of 4 stencil sheets. One with text, one with 2 starfish, one with 2 crabs and one with a lobster. Perfect for adding a nautical, seaside feel to your furniture and craft projects.
In the A5 Set;
The text measures w185 x h110mm, 7x4.5"
The starfish measure w100mm and w80mm, 4" and 3"
The crabs measure w135mm and w90mm across, 5.5" and 3.5"
The lobster measures w190mm across, 7.5"
In the A4 Set;
The text measures w260 x h160mm,10.25x6"
The starfish measure 140mm and 115mm, 5.5 and 4.5"
The crabs measure w190mm and w130mm, 7.5 and 5"
The lobster measures w270mm across, 10.5"
Weight 0.01kg

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